Who do you choose to be, in 2023?

What are the possibilities that you will bring into the present in 2023? It’s a blank page in a new book to write your story of this year. 

My invitation for you: Really choose. Commit, and take intentional tiny steps daily. Accelerate yourself toward what you want. There are 565,000 minutes that make up the 365 days… we all get to use them. 

Here are some quick tips that may be helpful:

I find it useful to think in 3 month increments (maybe up to 6 months), with a bigger longer term picture in mind (maybe a few years). Have both in mind when making decisions day to day – Does this serve me this minute, does it serve the bigger picture? What would the future me do?

The effectiveness of this combination: 

  • When you see bigger, you enable yourself to “see the distant horizon” of where you’re going. 
  • When you think in 3 month increments, you make it tangible. 
  • When you enable your daily action to that destination, you make it happen.

Keep a view on the horizon but focus your action in the present over the next couple months and you’ll gain a lot of traction faster. This is your own human performance.

Some questions for reflection to help you act on this: 

  • How will the world be better for you being in it? 
  • How will the people who surround you be better for having you around? 
  • How will you help others lift themselves? 
  • What will you say “no” to so that you can say “yes” to better choices? 
  • What will you let go of so that you may reach for something else? 
  • Who do you need to become to get to where you want to go? 
  • What do you need to grow into and how will you practice to grow? 

Above all else, remember that what you want is always so much closer than you think! You are much more capable than you let yourself think too. Your actions will move you forward, these tiny acts of bravery will enable what you want to be in 2023. 

Just start. With anything…

One tiny act of bravery. Every… Single… Day.

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