Be a rebel

Hockey Stick People Performance

Speaker | Jasmine K.

People performance is the limit you can’t exceed – effectively it’s the lid on business results. To accelerate and grow exponentially means lifting this limit. Instead of just managing performance (using methods we’ve used since the 1800’s), be a rebel and create performance through rapid iteration. Experience “live” how to leverage psychology, neuroscience and physiology to elevate human performance in business. Stay engaged from start to finish as this punchy keynote provokes thinking and provides instantly usable takeaways to “Hockey Stick People Performance”.

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Stick it

People Performance

Speaker | Dave Silberman, PhD

The potential of people at work is amazing. It can be powerful, innovative, and unstoppable. Yet the status quo persists, and people underperformance exists everywhere. This suggests we continue to look at and do the wrong things as organizations and leaders. For people performance to thrive, we must understand what to provide. For those looking for the real answers as to why people performance remains constrained and what can move you forward, this experience is for you. This keynote will provide you with a raw, and real perspective and answers backed by the insights of social ecology and human sociality to equip your ability to start sticking people performance.

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