Performance… it’s tiny acts of rebellion.

Figuring this out, systematizing it, continually adapting, having the discipline to move forward and be ok with tiny discomfort… to escape the magnetism of mediocre truly IS to perform as a human being.

Regardless of what you pursue, improving your own performance comes down to:

  • Repeatedly in tiny acts of rebellion, pushing into the fringe of discomfort, past who and what you currently are, to become who and what you could be…

Ironically, it seems we’re inherently wired for mediocre. We are creatures of homeostasis, keeping things “safely the same as they are today”, reinforcing our own comfort zones, and slipping down slippery slopes. You don’t have to look far to see this – it’s all around you, the herd is magnetized to mediocre. 

Nobody can do this for you AND you are in your control. However, you can’t wish or magic mantra your way there. You have to do + be what you want to become. And you’re going to fail and succeed along the way. 

To perform as a human being is to repeatedly expand beyond your own limits, to move past comfort into the fringe of discomfort. Essentially, what happens is you are continually establishing new baselines along the way, you’re expanding yourself and your capability like you improve your golf game or your fitness, or a hike up a mountain from one level to another. Tiny steps, improvements add up. Everything counts.

Go a little against the grain. It’s up to you to create the environment for you to perform, as a human being. Set yourself up to succeed at the new habits.

Always Remember: You are so much more capable than you think. It’s not to say that you are not good enough. Everyone is capable of 2% stretch to better. This stretch means you live a fuller, better, more rewarding life… and you make the world better too.

When you start stretching, remarkable things begin to happen. It’s been my privilege to witness my own and others journeys over the last few  years. This isn’t about special talent or luck or magical nonsense. It’s about tiny acts of commitment, and tiny stretchy steps to one’s better self.

Be intentional with your own performance, you choose your own tiny acts of rebellion! 

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