My Today

Who am I
Where am I going
Why does any of that matter

For what good is effort 
If there is no real meaning from it
For I have what I do and what I do who I am

Each day rises 
Each day closes
Am I closer
Or farther

Today I ponder the possibility
Could today be different
Could today be the day
The day where meaning and life collide
The day where I begin to feel alive

The gifts of the sun
The gifts in the air
Bring each day gifts to bear
When ready to receive will I be there

I need to step out of the shadows
It’s time to appear
Feeling so far 
I am ready to be near

The meaning in effort is found through my performance
In there lies my most precious moments
For the most to be gained, I must be my best
I must intentionally not focus on the rest

The journey is scary and may always be
But only if I choose to be with it that way
For I am not alone if I dare not be
Breathing through I can begin to see

Today is 
And today isn\'t
How I choose to perform
The choice is mine

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