Individual-Video-Workshop: Grow Your own Leadership Performance

From LinkedIn: March 3, 2024. 

For many leaders I’ve talked to over the last year, their work environment is not really supporting their growth or success. I’ve created a resource for high performing leaders to move themselves forward and take their leadership performance to the next level. And I’m giving it away, for free.

Feeling stuck? Not growing? Going in circles? Your boss isn’t a shining example of leadership? If you want to make change, grow yourself, and you’re ready to DIY… then this is for you.

What I’ve created is not passive online learning, this is not “a class” where you hope it’s worth your time. 
It’s a 30 minute video-facilitated-workshop that you DIY for your own leadership performance growth.
Following along the video you’ll find your way forward with a few key nuggets of learning, and a series of guided questions, reflection, and action forward. “I am the video”… you press pause to reflect and answer questions, make your notes, press play to continue, identify next steps. I am coaching you along, DIY style. It’s super simple like paint by number, but the outcome is pretty powerful.

This one is an individual workshop for you to do solo. 
I’ve also got 1-1 workshops for leaders to facilitate difficult conversations with people they lead, and team workshops for teams to guide themselves through a challenge or new direction. These are working well and really enabling ownership, time savings, and skill building.

I decided to make some individual workshops to help high performing leaders who need some support to move themselves forward, so I am creating some of these resources. You’ll see more of these over the coming weeks.

This mini-individual-video-workshop will take you about half an hour to complete. Please feel free to send me a note to let me know specifically what you found valuable, or one way it could be adapted to create more value.

Enjoy! Onwards & upwards… 

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