grateful for you…

To the great humans in my life who have made me a better me, I am grateful.

Feb 22, 2023: M, grateful for your heart and your desire to make things better. You help others find their way with your care, and determination to find a way. Continue to help the humans see their path, they appreciate you, as I do! Thank you!

Feb 11, 2023: JB, grateful for your realness, courage, and grace. You inspire others to be better, you face the world with openness, realism, and humility. Cheers to you for persisting; others see that and they find their own discipline to press on as well. Thank you, for being you!

Feb 2, 2023: T, your willingness to help a stranger and your incessant curious questioning are gifts you possess and bring to others. You are a seeker, a helper, a challenger, thank you!

Jan 19, 2023: Chau, you are one of the sweetest people on earth. You came by this naturally, this “way of being” is built into the Vietnamese culture. A sweetness, an acceptance, a helping hand and a welcoming as if anyone is part of your family… even a dumb foreigner like me. Your superpower is truly understanding how to be alive.

Jan 6, 2023: R, you are strong like the sun and you bring light to the world. Your superpowers are authenticity, generosity, and being a great human. You change the world by walking in it; you help others find their path and you’ve given me those gifts as well. Cheers, and keep being you. Thank you.

Jan 4, 2023: J, I am in never ending admiration of your will and your compassion. You inspire. Your superpower is perseverance, never quitting when 99% of people would have quit. If there is no path, you make one; if there is no road, you build it. Simultaneously, your compassion has no limits and you are infinitely humble. A true gift, thank you for you.

Jan 3, 2023: K, you give me the gift of depth of perspective. Your curious questions always make me pause and think, your generosity and your desire to learn are infectious to the world. Thank you.

Jan 1, 2023: My friends, my crew, my people, I am grateful for you as we celebrate the dawning of a new year, a blank page in a fresh book to write your story of 2023. May you make it amazing… because it won’t make itself… be the pilot, no the co-pilot of your life and be alive.

December 27, 2022: Kind strangers, I am grateful for you. You say hello, you smile and nod and we are somehow friends. The path becomes kinder and less daunting into the unknown. I learn from you to nod in acknowledgement, to smile and say hello… first, so that you may as well. Cheers all who reciprocate, and thank you.

December 17, 2022: To my former team, who in spirit will always be a team. You were the best team I have ever had the privilege to work with, and you continue to prove it long after we have formally parted ways. I miss you. Thank you.

December 14, 2022: T, I am grateful for you. You are incredibly grounded, humble and wise. You challenge me always to think bigger – why not. This gift is incredibly valuable, keep bringing it to the world, and being you. Thank you

December 10, 2022: DA, I am grateful for you. For unknowingly expanding my view of the world in seeing it through your eyes. Your most prominent superpowers I see are those the world can severely lack at times: empathy and kindness. Thank you.

December 6, 2022: CAPS, I am grateful for you. The gifts of knowledge, your generosity, your spirit and your welcome have been amazing. You enable me to develop new superpowers through all of yours! Thank you!

December 2, 2022: Una Vita, I am grateful for you. A gift you have given me is challenging me to really be alive, and to be me. The superpowers you bring to the world (aside from chasing down bad guys) are many; these include a generous heart, the ability to just be you, and a “f* it, let’s do it” attitude. Cheers to you, and thank you.

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