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Jasmine (Kernaleguen) Benson is known as a visionary pragmatist, helping companies create performance instead of just managing mediocre. By creating the environment for people to bring their best, these companies create exponential people performance and achieve exceptional results. They become talent magnets as she helps them redefine leadership performance.

Jasmine connects psychology, physiology, and neuroscience, helping companies innovate and iterate people performance, to power success. She brings human performance to work.

Jasmine is a best-selling author, a dynamic speaker and writes and curates the Performance Rebels blog. She is a former executive leader, a consultant, facilitator and CEO coach with a track record of success. She dares to disrupt at every opportunity.


Silberman, PhD

Dave Silberman, PhD writes, researches, teaches, and speaks to help change the stories of working life. Through the truth, organizations are just people, it is possible to create thriving environments where every person can become their best. When the best of people are what exists everywhere, the best organizations become a lived reality.

Dave engages and leverages the tensional space between people, things, and the business to help organizations move to where they want to be. By focusing on relational dynamics to discern solutions vital to contextual interrelationships, people, teams, and organizations can move beyond the strains driving their underperformance and elevate their strength and stamina to compete at their best every day.