A little list of Happiness

Research has proven that it’s not the big shiny things you do that make you happy, not the big moments, the big trips, the things you post out into the world on social media. 

It’s the little daily pleasures you find or create in your life that create sustained happiness. Perhaps happiness is in fact a habit of small intentional noticing, being, and experiencing, daily. 

When you take a moment to notice, you amplify your happiness. And so, I have created a little list of happiness that I\’ll continue to add to. My hope is that it creates more, and that you can create your own list. Pro tip: don’t overthink it.

Jasmine’s little list of Happiness: 
My quiet morning coffee, the smell of it freshly poured, a warm mug in my hands
The cold leather chair beneath me and the fuzzy blanket wrapped around me 
The sunrise coming up on the horizon, orange and purple full of vibrant life 
The promise of a new day, a blank page
A hot shower 

My bench on the path where I sit to write - it’s dedicated to those who enjoyed it before me 
The river I can see always moving; from my balcony it feels like it’s “my river” 
The sun warm on my face in the bright prairie blue sky
The breeze rustling the leaves in the trees 
The glint and crackle of thawing and freezing water/ice as the spring arrives 
My footprints in fresh snow 
The crunch crunch of dried leaves beneath my feet on a glorious fall day 

A joyful laugh I hear in the distance
The disorder and wonder of a newborn calf taking its first steps 
The peak of a hike overlooking the vastness of nature 
The last pedal stroke cycling up a long hill
The smell of fresh rain 
Hoarfrost, a full rainbow, sun dogs 
Wheat moving with the wind in the fields, like waves in an ocean, the earth’s breathing rhythm
Auroras dancing in the night sky, blue, green, elusive, enchanting 

A warm hello, good morning, passing by
The smile of a stranger on the street
A warm hug with an old friend
Beautifully timed words of encouragement and courage
Receiving a “Thank You” 
Witnessing an act of kindness 
My small act to make a life better, anonymously 

The moment a client achieves their impossible, not even realizing it yet
A client’s “You won’t believe what happened!” message of elation and excitement 
A rhythmic meeting of the minds when things just come together 
My moments of insight, freedom, and arrival at a new truth 
Connecting the dots on seemingly disparate concepts
Seeing a puzzle come together 
The flow of a great conversation with like minded souls 
The fun of an idea ridiculously generated out of Dave’s insanity, finished with a laugh 
The memories of a fun prank well played and well received

The constant little push of my trainer beyond what might seem doable 
A fresh victory at the gym - 1:12 personal best deadhang, Feb5/2022, at 43, 130lb
With a smile, my heart pounding through a workout, my hands nearly cramping t-rex style

The grace and steadiness of my kayak along the water
A cold cucumber gin on a still summer night
A crackling campfire under the stars
My heated seats in my car
Fraggle Rock, old movies, majestic symphonies
A great book that can’t be put down
Things old and forgotten brought back to life by the hands of an artist 

Finding 20$ in my winter coat from last year 
The rush of the Rush lacrosse 
The sound of skate blades cutting an edge in the ice
An eruption of energy and jubilation in a last second victory
A child’s celebration with their team 
Jackson: “Aunty guess what, the Vancouver Canucks……….!” 
Emelia: “Aunty, no, I can do it!” x 3000, Shrieking laughter 

Dave’s arrival in a moment of brilliant ideation, and new knowing
Ryno’s legendary feats of fabrication in sewing with fire 
Tony’s curiosity, genius and mishaps with tech
Lisa’s superwoman deadlifts on the wall of fame at the gym 
JC’s relentlessness in persevering no matter what the odds, and passion for farm and food 
Jason standing out of his wheelchair to give me a hug, and taking me for a cruise in his fast cars

Experiencing people around me bringing their genius to the world 
Witnessing others acts of mastery and perseverance
Seeing tiny steps of persistence and courage through difficulty 
Winning small consistent wins through self-discipline 
Settling my body and mind into a grounded rhythm 
The victory of saying No 
The refresh of a deep sleep 

Live music that stills my mind and moves right through me 
A candle lit in silent remembrance of a life well lived 
The final words written on a page.

Some are forever seeking happiness, never to find. It is not to be found.
My happiness, I create in the moments. Choose to see, it’s all around you.

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